Real Property Assets

Irrigational spraying at an agriculture field.

Metropolitan’s Real  Property Assets

The Real Property Group strategically approaches the planning, acquisition and disposition of Metropolitan land. We also protect our property rights and uses, and work to optimize revenues and land ownership costs. With land holdings for current and future facilities in excess of 200,000 acres, Metropolitan offers opportunities for the purchase of surplus land, lease of agricultural land in Northern and Southeastern California, and lease of lands within our 5,200-square-mile service area.


Photo of tractor working in an agricultural field.

Land & Property Management

As part of Metropolitan’s efforts to manage uses of our fee-owned properties, generate revenue and control land maintenance costs, opportunities are provided to third parties to lease agricultural acreage in Northern and Southeastern California, to obtain easements, and to lease land in our service area. To maintain a positive presence with neighboring landowners and local communities, Metropolitan responds to concerns of trespassing, dumping, and illegal activities on our lands.

We offer opportunities to lease or license land at market rates if a proposal is compatible with our present and/or planned future use of property. A request processing fee may be required.  

If interested, please contact the Real Property Group at (213) 217-7750 or by email.

Property Use & Filming 

An expansive delivery and water treatment system that spans Northern and Southern California requires a lot of different facilities staged along the state landscape. It requires treatment plants, pumping stations, storage facilities and maintenance yards as well as craft shops and on-site housing for remote locations. We have buildings that date back to the early 1940s with stunning Mission Revival architecture. We have underground facilities for treatment plants and pump stations that have tunnel systems and pipe galleries that rival the architecture above-ground. We also have surplus property for sale at times. All Metropolitan facilities and land holdings require oversight.

Our Real Property Group manages and protects Metropolitan’s real property land holdings and permanent easements while ensuring that the district’s core operations are protected.

Film Permitting Program 

If you’re a fan of film and television, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen one of Metropolitan’s facilities. Our facilities have been stand-ins for the United Nations, the Oval Office an Olympic ice-skating competition.  Our facilities are varied, easily accessible and visually unique — from hi-tech to historical and high-rise to tunnels.  We are adept at working with the industry. Access requires advance notice, appropriate photo identification and approval for Metropolitan’s security clearance. Filming or photography requests require a Metropolitan Film Entry Permit.

Filming requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and require written Metropolitan approval.  Below are some of the guidelines:

  • Scouting requests require two business days' notice
  • Filming request requires three weeks' notice
  • Metropolitan's safety regulations must always be obeyed
  • The film company must provide a full-time monitor
  • All special effects must be fully disclosed and include a MSDS
  • A complete list of all visitors shall be provided prior to filming

Film rates are based on the scope of each request considering these factors: 

Size of film operation, area used for filming, duration of filming, production value, type of activity, cost to Metropolitan and our impact to our operations and market.

We have properties throughout Southern California with both distinctive or easily conformed-into-something-else spaces.

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